Termite Treatment Methods

We choose the appropriate treatment methods based on the particular situation at the site. Some factors that effect the best choice in treatment methods are listed here:

  • Slab, Basement, Crawl Space
  • Poured Concrete foundation, Block Foundation
  • Type of heating/ventilation system (slab ducts, boiler)
  • Exterior foundation access (dense vegetation or obstructions)
  • Homeowner circumstances (allergies, sensitivities to odor)
  • Budget issues (expected length of ownership of the home)
  • Other Environmental circumstances (Well Water, Creeks, Ponds)

Treatment Methods and Tools to choose from  

Some sites may require multiple treatment methods. You can trust us to develop and implement a strategy to protect your home and family.  

Termite Baiting

A-Abel technicians are authorized to use Sentricon, HexPro or Advance; all of which are top-of-the-line baiting systems for termite control.

Conventional Liquid Termite Applications

Over time, liquid treatments break down, leaving
your home vulnerable to termite invasion. Not
the Sentricon® System. Once installed, it forms
a ring of protection. Sentricon turns termites’
biology, their constant foraging, their very nature,
against them. They prefer Sentricon more than
wood, so they eat it. When they eat it, they can’t
molt. When they can’t molt, they die. And when the
colony dies, the Queen dies.


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