Extreme Cold Weather – Furnace-Heater Safety & Comfort Tips

During extreme cold weather conditions, here are a few tips for homeowners :

  • Prepare to use blankets, sweaters, extra socks inside the house to keep warm
  • Your furnace may not be able to get the house as warm as you like, set the thermostat where you normally would keep it, maybe add 2-4 degrees and that’s all…
  • When the outdoor temperature is 4 degrees or less, the typical home in this region should only be expected to be able to maintain 65 degrees inside
  • If your home is not well insulated, and windows not well caulked & sealed, the cold wind can get inside and you will lose heat – making the sweaters & blankets necessary
  • If you use portable heaters – FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS
    – Keep heaters away from items that may catch fire or melt
    – Do not plug heaters in extension cords, or if a socket is already full
    – If heater uses oil, kerosene, or other flammable fuel – take it to a safe place to re-fuel, the garage, or porch… not in the main living area.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND the use of portable fuel heaters indoors

  • Find a place to spend the day – away from drafty windows or doors, and bundle up…
  • Make sure your furnace filter is clean
  • Make sure there is no debris, stored items or furniture blocking your registers, furnace returns, or the furnace itself.
  • If your thermostat is on “auto-set-back” for when you usually leave in the morning, override it for the cold spell – keep the furnace running – it will make it easier to maintain a warm home, rather than have to “crank it back up” when you get home…
  • During windy conditions, hang plastic or other insulating materials over the windows to reduce the draft created from air that gets in around the windows.
  • Open cupboard doors if they’re blocking heat from reaching your water pipes
  • If your house has an attached garage, make sure the overhead door remains closed, to minimize the loss of heat into the area.
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