Facts About Frozen Pipes

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Why are frozen pipes cause for concern? 

When the temperatures plummet, one major home issue that can arise is a frozen water pipe (or worse – multiple frozen pipes).  

Facts About Frozen Pipes

  • They Block running water 

Frozen pipes are mostly a problem because they prevent water flow and restrict access to running water. This can be especially dangerous if a winter storm warning is issued and homeowners need to remain in their homes for safety. Having access to fresh, running water for drinking, cleaning, and bathing is incredibly important. 

  • Bursting 

Frozen pipes can become damaging if they burst. Once the water in the pipe freezes, pressure quickly builds up between the closed faucet and the frozen blockage – which can advance to a point that causes the pipe to explode. When this happens, it can cause potential flooding within your home that can lead to expensive repairs. 

Pipes that are vulnerable to freezing 

  • Homes In Warmer Climates  

Many people assume that frozen pipes are only a concern for people who live in cold climates – this is not true. The homes that are most vulnerable to frozen pipes are those found in warmer climates, like Ohio, because the pipes within these homes aren’t usually well insulated against frigid temperatures.  

  • Exterior Walls 

Pipes that are found along the exterior walls of your home can be more susceptible to freezing because they might not have enough insulation protecting them from outside temperatures. 

  • Basements and Attics 

Pipes in attics and basements are also more likely to freeze. These locations typically don’t get the same amount of heat as the rest of the home. Many basements and attics aren’t properly insulated because they aren’t designed to be living spaces.   

It’s important to act quickly to unthaw a frozen pipe if you find one so you can prevent any expensive and irreversible property damage. Contact a licensed professional, like A-Abel Plumbing, to thaw the pipe for you.  

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