DIY Furnace Tune-Up

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An Easy Step For A Quick Furnace Tune-Up

In Southwestern Ohio, the climate is growing colder and it appears that winter is rapidly approaching. Before you crank up the heat, make sure you’ve done your annual furnace tune-up to ensure your furnace is functioning properly.

Why Is Checking The Filter So Important?

Most costly furnace repairs can be easily avoided by regularly changing out the filter. A dirty filter causes your furnace to work harder to perform its everyday functions. This means that your furnace is more likely to wear out sooner and that you’re spending more money (because your unit has to draw more power to work harder).  

Here are a few general guidelines for filter replacement/cleaning:

Safety tip: Make sure to turn off the power source connected to your furnace before doing an inspection or performing any maintenance on the unit! 

  • It’s a good idea to know the basics about your furnace before you begin working on it, so consult your furnace user manual before getting started.
  • Pleated filters can last up to 3 months 
  • Wash and rinse permanent filters once a month 
  • Clean electronic air-cleaner filters every other month 

It’s best to contact a professional at A-Abel to come in to inspect your furnace and perform a full annual furnace tune-up before the snow begins to fall. However, you can still ensure your furnace is working efficiently by simply inspecting the air filter before calling in the pros.

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