Common Repairs for a Gas Furnace

Is your furnace making a funny noise? Does it feel as though it is not working as efficiently as it should? Here are some common furnace repairs that may be the cause of the problem.

Cracked Heat Exchanger
The heat exchanger is the tubing that is in the heart of the furnace. They have openings at both ends and allow for the venting of toxic fumes outside and away from your home through the chimney or flue, while the non-toxic heated are is blown into your home. If the heat exchanger is cracked, the furnace will function fine, but it will allow toxic gases to enter your home. If your CO detector is going off or you are regularly suffering from headaches, a cracked heat exchanger may be the culprit.

Problems with Ignition
No matter what type of pilot light your gas furnace has, it can develop problems. If it’s not working properly or the pilot light is out altogether, the furnace may not ignite. Unfortunately, this particular problem comes from a long list of potential causes, so you will need a professional from a furnace repair company in Centerville, Ohio to inspect the furnace to find the cause.

Lack of Heat
If you have no heat coming from your furnace, but it appears to be igniting and working, then you may have a dirty filter. You may also have a problem with the ignition that you are not picking up on. Also, sometimes the thermostat can be set incorrectly without your knowledge, so check that first. If you change the filter, check the thermostat and still have a problem, contact a pro for help.

Limit Switch Problems
The limit switch is an important safety device in your furnace. It keeps the blower from turning on before the air is warm enough, and shuts it down if the heat exchanger gets too hot, turning off the burner if needed. If the limit switch is not working properly, you may notice tepid air coming from the furnace or overheating of the heat exchanger.

If you are having problems with any of these issues, you need the service of a furnace repair company, A-Abel is here to help. We can fix these common furnace problems and other less common issues. Contact us today for fast, friendly service.

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