Air Purification

Whole–Home Air Cleaners

Turn your central heating and cooling system into a whole-home air cleaner. A-Abel carries several air purifiers, air cleaners, and air recovery vents. There is no reason to consider portable air cleaners or portable ionizing room units, when installing whole-home air will always perform better than portable units. Portable air cleaners can be unsightly, noisy and require frequent maintenance. It can also be very costly to purchase one for every room in your home.

Benefits Include:

  • Helping prevent dry nasal passages and skin
  • Humidified air feels warmer
  • Greatly reduces static electricity
  • Reduces shrinking of woodwork in the home
  • Helps protect your furniture, artwork and books
Suggested indoor relative humidity chart

Total Home Humidifiers Benefits:

Home humidifiers take the extra expense and frustration out of trying to keep individual rooms of your home feeling comfortable. Keeping your home’s humidity at an even level year-round can also help prevent allergies, erratic heating and cooling bills, and it can even prevent damage to sensitive materials and objects in your home such as exposed wood, dry wall, and even wooden objects such as musical instruments or antique furniture.

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