More About Bed Bugs

Until the last three years, most people in the United States would never have suspected a bed bug infestation. »Most pest control professionals would have had years between legitimate Bed bug sightings. But recently, Bed bug infestations are being reported at an alarming rate.

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Our Bed Bug Treatment May Include:

  • Removal of infested mattress & box spring
  • Vacuuming of suspect floors & upholstered items
  • Pull & loosen carpet from tack strip in targeted areas
  • “bagging” of infested or suspected clothing
  • Thorough treatment of critical upholstered items
  • Thorough application to furniture, floors & baseboards
  • Inspection & treatment of pillows
  • Follow-up inspections & treatments according to proposal
  • Application of PointSource cartridges to minimize recurrence
  • Installation of mattress covers on new mattresses (customer supplies, we install)
  • Cargo truck to haul infested items to incinerator for disposal. (fees apply)
  • Follow Up visits (list frequency & timing)

(Depending on treatment steps, the homeowner or A-Abel may be responsible for carrying out the above tasks)

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