Water Quality in Dayton, OH

Water quality is a hot topic in the news right now. Everyone is aware of the current issue in Flint, Michigan with lead in the city’s drinking water – but did you know that near New Lebanon, Ohio excessive amounts of fluoride were found in the water? Fluoride is added into our drinking water to “improve the public’s dental health.” Fluoride is also found naturally in runoff from fertilizer & aluminum factories. Fluoride is the most common contaminant found in Ohio’s water, and can be found in many of Ohio’s water systems besides the New Lebanon area – 69 other water systems in the state have also been tested & show “dangerous levels of fluoride, arsenic, bacteria & possibly cancer-causing disinfectant byproducts.” Included are small villages & cities, mobile home parks & schools.

While many Dayton area residents get their water from public wells/well fields (that pump water from the Miami Valley/River Watersheds & Aquifers) which are routinely tested for contaminates & are found to be under allowable limits, there are no required tests on thousands of aging private wells, which can easily contaminate other nearby wells based on location & depth. Roughly “1/3rd of the 137 homes tested last year for bacteria by MCES tested positive & 13 of 81 homes tested positive for arsenic.” In Greene County, they had “118 homes test positive for high levels of bacteria & 14 of 34 homes tested positive/over the federal limit allowable for lead”.

water purification daytonThe North Star NSRO42C4 Reverse Osmosis System with Permeate Pump from A-Abel can take the guesswork out of drinking water safety by providing refreshing, great tasting, high quality water while keeping drinking and cooking water safe by removing fluoride and chlorine, protecting our children’s health and limiting exposure to contaminates. We all want clean, great tasting drinking water, but stop wasting your money on bottled water, and start making your own at home – healthier than sodas and other sugary drinks, and great for better tasting coffee, tea and baby formula! Stop guessing whether the water you’re drinking is safe – call A-Abel today!

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