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Your Peace Of Mind Inspection Report

  • We can complete a diagnosis of your homes plumbing system
  • Preventive maintenance & inspections can catch any potential problem/issue before it has a chance of becoming a major/costly repair to you
  • We want our customers to have peace of mind regarding their homes plumbing systems

For example:

  • a sink faucet dripping every second, in 1 days time can cost you $3.45 a day
  • a toilet running/flapper leaking, can cost you $13.82 a day (@ 1 gpm)
  • the average cost of a gallon of water in Ohio is $0.0096

Your average water usage per fixture:

  • Toilet – new style 1.6 gpf to 3 gpf old style
  • Sink Faucet – 3 gpm
  • Showerhead – 2.5 gpm 
  • Tub Spout – 6 gpm
  • Outside Faucet – 5 gpm

If we find any issues at the time of your free inspection, we will diagnose them & repair them, if given the ok to do so. We will then offer a 10% discount on your bill for the repairs. Also if you have any pesky smelling drains, we can make them smell like new again.

  • Hot Water Heater: check the pilot, burner assembly, thermostats, elements, temp, venting, gas leaks, & for thermal expansion
  • Water Softeners: check salt levels & check for leaks
  • Toilets: check fill valve, flush valve/flapper, supply line, tank-to-bowl connection & perform a dye-test
  • Faucets/Fixtures: check faucets for drips, check supply lines, check shut-off valve/stops, check p-trap & check the pop-up assembly
  • Drains & Water Lines: check for any visible leaks, cracks, plugs, etc & check the pressure
  • Sump Pump: check crock for any potential problems, check the check valve, discharge pipe & manually run the pump to make sure it’s operating correctly
  • Disposal: run the disposal, check connections & check for any clogs
  • Outside Faucets: check to make sure all of the components are working properly & not leaking
  • Washing Machine: check hoses, check shut off valves & check for any possible leaks
  • Dishwasher: check connections for leaks & any possible clogs
  • Ice Maker Line: check for any kinks or leaks
  • Well Pump: check to make sure pump is running correctly, check pressure tank for correct pressure, check pressure gauge, check pressure switch & check for any possible leaks

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