Top Pest Control Tips for Spring

Spring is here, and you may have already noticed the bugs starting to creep in. Taking measures now to prevent infestations will mean a pest-free summer. Here are some tips from the pest control experts at A-Abel that can help you keep pests from getting a hold in your home.

Stinging insects, like bees and wasps, like to put their nests in attics, gables, outbuildings and other high, somewhat hard-to-see spaces. Check these areas for signs of a nest starting, and take measures to remove it as soon as you find it. Then, consider treatments in these nesting areas that will discourage future growth.

2. Seal Entry Points
In the spring, head outdoors and look for those entry points that could allow pests in. caulking that is no longer properly sealed can allow ants to access your home. Cracks in the siding or foundation can allow larger pests and rodents in. Seal any of these problems before pests can find them and make your house their home.

3. Store Food Well
If you leave crumbs on the ground or have a disorganized pantry, pests feel that it is an open invitation to your buffet. Keeping your food well stored, including placing snacks in sealed containers instead of cardboard boxes, can help prevent pests by not giving them the food they want. Food in the trash can is also tempting, so put a lid on your kitchen trash. Finally, wipe down counters after meals and meal preparation to avoid leaving a trail for ants and other pests to find.

4. Relocate the Firewood
During the winter you need your firewood close at hand, but warmer weather means you can move it, and that’s a great idea. Pests find the firewood pile to be a great place to live and feed, especially those pests that put your home’s integrity at risk. Moving the firewood away from the home and off of the ground is important.

If you have further questions about what you can do to keep pests at bay, talk to the team at A-Abel. We offer comprehensive home repair services in the Dayton, OH area, including pest control! With our help, you can ensure that your home is pest free!

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