Stink Bugs

In the next several weeks, the adult stink bug abandons the vegetation that they have been feeding on all summer.  They rest on the exterior (sunny side) of a structure,  then move into the attic or siding as the night cools off.

Every year, more & more bugs survive and the problem can be HUGE some years, minimal the next. Our challenge is to get the exclusion & treatment down EARLY in the Fall, and then again LATE in the Fall.

If you don’t treat until the bugs are INSIDE…your success is going to be minimal.  Dusting the attic where the bugs are located is fine IF YOU CAN FIND THEM (usually they are under the insulation or in the wall cavity and are not accessible.)

Target  the sunny side of the house, include the window frames & up to the eaves. Treat around the attic vents, and chimney if you can reach it.  Look for gaps & crevices where the bugs can get into the house & we recommend caulking  (painting & sealing) to minimize the bugs entry points.

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