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Coronavirus Information

Properly disinfecting all surfaces will help avoid the spread of COVID-19, let the professionals help!

Our Commercial Disinfecting Service utilizes a hospital grade disinfectant rated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and is listed on their list of approved chemicals to combat and kill the virus that causes COVID-19.

This service is suggested for all high traffic businesses including but not limited to restaurants & bars, medical, manufacturing, retail and daycares.

The chemical we use (Nisus DSV) in disinfecting is applied using a manufacturer suggested power sprayer and a thin coat of liquid solution is sprayed on all high traffic areas, solid surfaces and objects.  The solution will remain wet for a minimum of ten minutes in order to kill the coronavirus.  Once the solution dries the area will be disinfected and residue free.  The process will leave a clean citrus smell in all areas we disinfected.

Commercial disinfecting should be done frequently to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to help protect your employees and customers.

Body-Guard Home Barrier

Imagine having an impenetrable shield to defend your home from pest invasion.

Invading pests can be stopped BEFORE they enter your home!

Our Body-Guards programs encircle the outside of your home and provide effective protection against the following pests:

Body-Guard PLUS Package

Our PLUS Package includes all the above listed pests, PLUS termite protection with the #1 termite colony elimination system - Sentricon with Always Active technology!

Body-Guard PRIME Package

Our PRIME Package includes everything included with the PLUS Package, in addition to treatments for mice and mosquitoes.

How it works: Once each season, A-Abel exterminating technicians will thoroughly treat the perimeter of your home with a low dosage solution designed to repel and kill insects and pests. The solution is applied to the foundation of your home, in addition to turf, soil, and/or mulch beds adjacent to it. The treated zone will prevent insects and pests from living, breeding, and being able to multiple in and around your home. The procedure needs to be repeated each season to ensure pests don’t get a foothold in the area. With our Body-Guard plans, our technicians don’t need access inside of your home, making it a convenient solution for your busy schedule.

  • Carpenter, Slab, Field, & House Ants
  • Crickets
  • Earwigs
  • Millipedes & Centipedes
  • Hornets, Bees, & Wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Outdoor Spiders

Dayton's Exterminating
& Pest Control Experts

Nothing is worse than having uninvited guests in your home like termites, ants, hornets, wasps, mice, mosquitoes, and bedbugs.

Our superior trained technicians are the best at beating pests. We’ve seen it all and have solved every conceivable pest problem effectively and affordably for local homeowners.

Some of our
pest control
services include

  • Bed Bug Control
  • Termite Control
  • Rodent Removal
  • General Pest Prevention
  • Commercial & Industrial Services
  • And Much More!

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Exterminating & Pest Control

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Pest By Season


• Ants • Spiders • Wasps • Bees • Carpenter Bees • Carpenter Ants • Flying Ants • Termites • Bed Bugs • Cockroaches • Pantry Pests • Indian Meal Moths • Nuisance Wildlife


• Ants • Spiders • Fleas • Wasps • Yellow Jackets • Hornets • Bees • Carpenter Ants • Flying Ants • Bed Bugs • Cockroaches • Pantry Pests • Indian Meal Moths • Nuisance Wildlife


• Ants • Spiders • Fleas • Wasps • Yellow Jackets • Hornets • Carpenter Ants • Flying Ants • Bed Bugs • Cockroaches • Pantry Pests • Indian Meal Moths • Mice • Nuisance Wildlife • Stink Bugs • Lady Beetles


• Ants • Spiders • Carpenter Ants • Flying Ants • Bed Bugs • Cockroaches • Pantry Pests • Indian Meal Moths • Mice • Nuisance Wildlife • Stink Bugs • Lady Beetles

Bed Bug Removal

The Dayton area is now heavily infested with bed bugs.

A-Abel has safe, effective treatments to kill bed bugs, from bed bug heat treatment to conventional liquid bed bug exterminating services.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you discover bed bugs in your home

Doing so will actually make the problem even worse!

1. Contact a professional.
To completely eliminate bed bugs, you need a trained and licensed bed bug technician who is knowledgeable of bed bug biology, behavior, and the right use of pesticides.

2. Remove bed bugs.
Just because you have bed bugs, that doesn’t necessarily you have to wait for a professional to remove them. You can crush them with a disposal rag (which may stain surfaces) or simply vacuum them up.

3. Prevent bed bugs from spreading throughout your home.
Clutter attracts bed bugs and can be an exterminator’s worst enemy. Clutter creates lots of places for bed bugs to hide and areas that can’t be treated by a pest control technician.

4. Don’t store items under the bed.
As mentioned above, bed bugs love to have places to hide, especially ones that are convenient for them and right next to their primary food source (you!).

5. Do your laundry!
Heat is deadly for bed bugs. Bed bugs in all life stages, including eggs, can be killed by exposing them to temperatures of over 120 degrees Fahrenheit for at least twenty minutes.

6. While tempting, don’t change where you sleep.
Often people will move into a guest bedroom or start sleeping on their living room sofa when they discover bed bugs in their homes. Bed bugs are rather smart little critters. They start to migrate with you to ensure they stay next to their host.

The best way to prevent bed bug infestation is to be mindful and proactive.

– Avoid purchasing used items (if you have to, be sure to thoroughly inspect the items for any signs of bed bugs before bringing them into your home)
– Use mattress and box spring encasements that are specifically designed to help prevent bed bugs

Tick Prevention

uptick in ticks in ohio:
how to stay safe this summer

Termite Control

termite Season 2020 Update

We are expecting “earlier than normal” TERMITE ACTIVITY in the Dayton Area.

The mild winter has brought warmer soil temperatures than typical.  Our soil temperature is about four weeks ahead of schedule. The warmer temperatures supports quicker release of termites into the top layer of soil.  For this reason, we will be starting our exterior inspections March 15th (of course, if a surprise Polar Vortex shows up in the next week or so, we will cease inspections).

Termite Treatment methods

If you live in the Dayton area, you live in a termite rich part of the country. Termites are just a part of life here in the Midwest. The older your home is, the more likely it is to be (or have been) the target of a termite attack. The termites we tackle are Subterranean (our wet weather can’t sustain other species of termites) so we look to the ground for the signs of termites and termite control strategies.

Termite Baiting

A-Abel technicians are authorized to use Sentricon, HexPro, or Advance. All 3 options are top-of-the-line baiting systems for termite control. Termite baiting is a proven method of treating a termite infestation, and it will help to provide protection for the future of your home. Termite prevention is paramount in our area, and no one does it better than A-Abel.

Termite Inspection

If you see signs of damaged wood either in your home or on the exterior it’s time to 
call A-Abel for a free termite inspection.

Conventional Liquid Termite Application

Over time, liquid termite treatments break down, leaving your home vulnerable to termite invasion, not the Sentricon System. Once installed, it forms a ring of protection. Sentricon turns termites’ biology, their constant foraging, their very nature, against them. They prefer Sentricon more than wood so they eat it. Once eaten, Sentricon prevents termites from molting. If termites can’t molt, they die. Once the colony has been depleted, the queen will also die.

risks of going without termite protection

Maintaining termite protection makes your home more valuable when it comes time sell the house. Abandoning your initial investment of the protection system isn’t an economically wise decision. 

Costs to repair termite damage to your home typically aren’t covered by homeowner’s insurance policies.

There are as many as 6 active termite colonies on every acre of land in this part of Ohio. Our homes are placed on favorable land for termite pressure. New termite colonies will frequently take over the abandoned tunnel structures of dead colonies and use those to re-infest a home. 

As part of our Sentricon termite protection plan, we can guarantee that anytime you see or suspect a termite-related issue, we’ll be there immediately. Schedule an annual interior inspection with us to ensure each station of your Sentricon System is loaded with Active Bait.

Commercial Pest Control

Dayton’s best exterminators can help design a pest control program to fit your business.
Your employees, guests, and visitors won’t notice or be bothered by pest activity when you choose A-Abel.

A-Abel Exterminating is affiliated with the following products & associations:

Frequently asked questions

The price varies depending on the size of the home, the level of infestation and how many items are infested. Our skilled technician will complete a free evaluation and recommend a treatment that best fits your needs. The technician will also go over any questions you may have and prep work that will need to be completed before being treated.

We do offer free estimates for most services. We would send one of our pest technicians out to your home to determine the target pest, level of infestation, and create a comprehensive treatment plan. Termite inspections for a realty transaction have a fee based on the location of the property.

Due to the dramatic decline in the honeybee population across the globe, A-Abel takes all precautions to protect honeybees and their habitats. Our treatments are chosen and strategically implemented to avoid all impact on our native honeybees. However, when honeybees have inhabited a dwelling, our technicians can help homeowners contact a local bee keeper that will be able to relocate the problem hive and save the bees!

A body guard treatment starts at $110.00, but depending on where you want treated and the size of your home, the pricing does vary.

We approach every home as if it were our own. We choose materials based on many different criteria, including the potential impact on the environment. Our programs have been developed to not only protect your home, but also your children and pets. You can rest assured that our methods are proven to prevent pests, without the worry of unwanted dangers.

For any additional questions you may have, feel free to contact us at 937.434.4343 

Meet Our Exterminating Team

When it comes to pests,
a-abel is simply the best

Our superior trained exterminating technicians are the best in the business. They’ve seen it all and have solved every conceivable pest problem effectively and affordable. 

Cecil Gum
Exterminating Manager
Mat Haywood
Exterminating Manager
Mike Cottle - Bed Bug Technician
Mike Cottle
Bed Bug Technician
Ben Creech
Bed Bug Technician
Billy DuChesne
Exterminating Technician
Billy Hartung
Exterminating Technician
Adam Hurlburt
Bed BugTechnician
Zac Kelly
Exterminating Technician
Chris Like
Exterminating Technician
Mark Pierce
Exterminating Technician
Brandon Ramsey
Exterminating Technician
Jimmy Ramsey
Exterminating Technician
Anthony Smith
Exterminating Technician
isaiah smith
Isiah Smith
Sentricon Technician
Shane Watson
Bed Bug Technician

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