electrical troubleshooting

Are you having electrical problems? Is the wiring in your home out of date? Let A-Abel help! 

A-Abel can troubleshoot any electrical problem you may have in your Dayton area home. Our certified Dayton electrical technicians are qualified, experienced, and insured to handle electrical upgrades, electrical renovations, and other electrical services.

Electrical Services

electrical work is not a DIY Project

Our experts are skilled, trained, and experienced at evaluating the situation and providing safe solutions. While some electrical problems may look easy to solve, the simplest solution can become dangerous if not carefully executed.

Frequently asked questions

We do run electric for pools/hot tubs. We’ll send one of our trained technicians out for a free estimate.

We do install Tesla, Nissan, Chevy Bolt wall chargers/car chargers and many more! We’ll send one of our trained technicians out for a free estimate.

Every job is different so we quote by the job. We have a 49.50 dispatch fee and then our technician once he assesses your particular situation would quote the job and if you agree should be able to complete the work at that time.

We do not repair ceiling fans. However, we can replace them and work on the wiring that is ran to them from the home.

We do not install solar panels, but we have a company we work with to complete the installation for you.

Yes, we will send one of our trained technicians out for a free estimate. 

For any additional questions you may have, feel free to contact us at 937.434.4343 

Energy Savings

Looking for energy efficiency and decreased utility bills? 

Fight back against high energy costs! Our team of electricians can provide you with a lighting assessment to show you how much you could be saving in energy costs by upgrading to more efficient fixtures. We have a variety of great energy-saving alternatives for residential and commercial needs.

Special Offers

FREE Whole Home Surge
Arrestor With Service Change

$20 Off Any Service Call

Car Charging Station Installation

Imagine never having to go to the gas station whenever you need to charge your electric car! Get you own car charging station installed to save money and time. 

Tesla Charging Station

Chevy Charging Station

Other Brand Name Charging Stations

Emergency Supply Generators

What would your family miss during a power outage?

Imagine your home without power… While more families have chosen a Briggs & Stratton and Generac home standby generators more than any other brands, they didn’t do so for the same reasons.

  • Medical equipment
  • Refrigeration/freezer – food spoilage
  • Furnace – frozen pipes, loss of heat
  • Air Conditioning – mold growth, loss of comfort
  • Sump pump – risk of flooding
  • Internet, cell phone chargers, TV – loss of contact with the outside world during an emergency
  • Lighting – inside and outside
  • Cooking, bathing, and washing clothes
  • Charging power tools for use during the emergency and post outage cleanup
  • Monetary loss from hotel costs, eating out, personal property damage, and unexpected expenses

Top reasons why a power outage is likely to occur

Our Generator Options

Briggs & Stratton Generators

Back up your home with a Briggs & Stratton Generator so you never have to worry about another power outage, again. When you choose a Briggs & Stratton generator, you’re choosing protection for your home and peace of mind. The broadest home generator line on the market today, Briggs & Stratton promises coverage without compromise.

Generac Generators

A top name in home backup generators since 1959. Generac manufactures the widest range of power products in the market, including portable, residential, commercial, and industrial generators. For virtually any need, Generac provides quality, affordable power solutions

How Standby Generators work...

The generator system consists of a generator and transfer switch. The generator sits outside of your home or business just like an air conditioner, while the transfer switch is located next to the main breaker box, and in some cases replaces it entirely. An automatic standby generator works by monitoring utility voltage 24/7. When your electricity is interrupted, the generator detects the problem and goes to work. The automatic transfer switch safely disconnects the utility line and transfers to generator power. Power is simultaneously restored within seconds. Once the utility is restores, the generator returns to standby mode.

Why Do We Promote
Briggs & Stratton Generators
over other leading brands?

Briggs & Stratton Generators provide us with opportunities to give back to our local community. Thanks to their help we were able to donate an emergency generator to tornado victims that lost power used to keep medical equipment up and running after the 2019 Dayton tornadoes struck.

(Electromagnetic Pulse & Lightning Defense Technologies)

What Is EMP Shield?

EMP Shield Inc. has developed the World’s first Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) defense technology that can defend your house, business, an entire electric grid, and more from a high altitude EMP threat (HEMP). Our products also provide some of the worlds most advanced power surge, lightning, and CME protection, defending electronics in less than 1 billionth of a second. In fact, not only are we the only product on the market that can protect your valuable electronics from an EMP strike but, our products can withstand over 40x EMP strikes with ZERO degradation and have a lifetime warranty. 

The EMP Shield has been tested at the Keystone Compliance laboratory which is a federally approved and DOD testing facility. Our testing of the EMP Shield has shown the EMP Shield FAR surpasses all military EMP Protection device standards. EMP Shield is dedicated to providing tested and proven products. We are passionate to prove just how capable our devices are. 

  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • 10 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Backed by $25,000 Insurance Policy

Worried About Covering The Costs?

We Have Financing Options Available

We understand that your new system is a big investment, that’s why we have financing options available to help you pay for your new addition.

Meet our Electric team

Experienced Electricians & Installers

Our trained and certified electricians are ready to come to the rescue. Count on our team of experienced electricians for all of your electric needs – from repair and replacement to energy savings. 

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Levi Blommel
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Mark Bonham
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Chris Boswell
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Brendon Byrdsong
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Jeremy Conley
Electrician/Generator Specialist
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Matt Fernalld
Electrician/Generator Specialist
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Caleb Gish
Electrician/Service Technician
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Zack Hart
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Curtis Hicks
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Senior Service Technician
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Kaileb Kinkead
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Michael Lowry
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Terry Prince
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Steven Roberts
A-Abel Bio Pic - Bob Rutledge (Electric)
Bob Rutledge
Senior Generator Specialist

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