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Between the cold days of winter and hot days of summer – A-Abel is here for you, to ensure your family stays comfortable in your home all year round. Call us today for heating or cooling tune-up. 

Our N.A.T.E. (North American Technical Excellence) certified air conditioning technicians are ready to come to the rescue if you need a repair ASAP.

What Heating & Air Conditioning Services Does A-Abel Offer?

Our Heating & Air Conditioning services are available Monday-Sunday, 8:00AM – 10:00PM from licensed Heating & Air Conditioning technicians.

Duct Cleaning

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning
– Reduce Indoor Allergens
– Cleaner Air/Breathe Easier
– Improve Indoor Air Quality
– Cleaner Home With Less Dust & Pollutants
– Extend Furnace Life

What to do if your
Heating & Air Conditioning system breaks down

If your Heating & Air Conditioning system breaks down in the middle of the blazing hot summer or the worst part of winter, you need help fast.

The first thing to do is contact a reliable Heating & Air Conditioning repair company like A-Abel to make an appointment. A professional Heating & Air Conditioning technician will come to your home to determine why your system isn’t working properly and will get the job done ASAP so you can stay comfortable all year round.

Frequently asked questions

We quote each job individually to ensure you receive the best possible value. We have an $89.50 diagnostic fee to assess your A/C unit and provide an accurate quote. If you agree to the quote provided by our technician, they will complete the work at that time, if possible. Call our office at 937-434-4343 for more information. 

No, we do not install customer supplied thermostats.

We have one of the most powerful duct cleaning trucks in the Dayton area, ensuring that your air ducts & dryer vents will be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. Call our office at 937.434.4343 to learn more about our air duct & dryer vent cleaning services and to receive a more precise quote. 

We do not sell retail service parts, but we do sell AprilAire replacement air filters and water panels. We keep most AprilAire replacement air filters and water panels in stock and can order any filter we don’t currently have on hand. Please call our office at 937.434.4343 to check our current inventory!

Yes, we offer a comprehensive maintenance plan for both furnaces and air conditioners called our Energy Savings Agreement. This plan includes two (2) annual visits from our certified technicians, one (1) during the cooling season and one (1) during the heating season. During each visit, our technicians will perform a 30-point inspection of your entire comfort system to identify and resolve any potential problems, to help extend the life of your equipment and improve its energy efficiency. Call 937.434.4343 to learn more. 

For any additional questions you may have, feel free to contact us at 937.434.4343 

If you need a new Heating & Air Conditioning system

If fixing your Heating & Air Conditioning system doesn’t work to get it back up and running or you have an old system that’s about to call it quits, it may be time to invest in a new Heating & Air Conditioning system. 

Comfort Systems

Your comfort is our #1 priority, that’s why we only carry the best Heating & Air Conditioning products in the Dayton area. We also understand that a new system is an investment, which is why we offer flexible financing, expert installation, and reliable equipment.

We carry the follow Heating & Air Conditioning system types*


*While we provide only the best, our experienced Heating & Air Conditioning technicians work on ALL systems

Heating & Air Conditioning system maintenance

When it comes to expensive equipment like your Heating & Air Conditioning unit, you want to take a proactive approach. Avoid costly Heating & Air Conditioning system breakdowns by keeping up with regular maintenance.

Annual Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance not only helps ensure your system stays running, it also helps to keep your Heating & Air Conditioning unit operating at its top efficiency.

An efficient Heating & Air Conditioning unit decreases the cost of your energy bills and increases the lifespan of your unit. Regular Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance is a cost-effective investment with a huge return.

A-Abel's Heating & Air Conditioning
Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA)

A comfortable home starts with reliable and efficient Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. Regular Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance (which includes an annual Heating & Air Conditioning PMA) is less costly than a repair job and will help ensure your Heating & Air Conditioning system continues working at peak efficiency for the rest of its lifespan. 

At A-Abel, we aim to be as thorough as possible when we perform your Heating & Air Conditioning PMA.
Here are some of the things we do and check for during service:

Meet our Heating & Air Conditioning team

Experienced Heating & Air Conditioning technicians & installers

Our N.A.T.E. certified air conditioning technicians are ready to come to the rescue. We know how uncomfortable it can be to have your Heating & Air Conditioning system break down during peak heating or cooling system. Count on our team of experienced Heating & Air Conditioning technicians for all of your Heating & Air Conditioning needs – from repair and replacement to annual air duct cleaning. 

A-Abel Bio Pic - Jimmy Bverschen (HVAC)
Jimmy Buerschen
HVAC Install Manager
A-Abel Bio Pic - Sean Wells (HVAC)
Sean Wells
HVAC Comfort Advisor
A-Abel Bio Pic - Devin Allen (HVAC)
Devin Allen
HVAC Technician
A-Abel Bio Pic - Tim Brewer (HVAC)
Tim Brewer
HVAC Technician
A-Abel Bio Pic - Erik Columber (HVAC)
Erik Columber
HVAC Technician
A-Abel Bio Pic - Isiah Fancher (HVAC)
Isiah Fancher
HVAC Technician
A-Abel Bio Pic - Jason Grieshop (HVAC)
Jason Grieshop
HVAC Technician
A-Abel Bio Pic - Bryon Henson (HVAC)
Bryon Henson
Duct Cleaner
A-Abel Bio Pic - Robert Johns (HVAC)
Robert Johns
HVAC Technician
A-Abel Bio Pic - Michael O'Hara (HVAC)
Michael O'Hara
HVAC Technician
A-Abel Bio Pic - Alex White (HVAC)
Alex White
HVAC Technician

Coronavirus Information

Our iWave products have been proven to significantly reduce a wide variety of pathogens and viruses similar to the coronavirus in the breathing zone and hard non-porous surfaces. 

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