5 Air Conditioner Tips to Beat The Heat This Summer

5 Air Conditioner Tips to Beat The Heat

Summer is coming and your air conditioner is about to work hard. Is it ready for the task? Here are a few tips to ensure your air conditioner works efficiently throughout the season.

Lower your utility bills, save energy, and increase your comfort.

Check/Replace your filters

Check the air filter in your air conditioner once a month and replace as needed. This is really important around the summer months when dust and allergens are at an all time high. If your filter is clogged, you air conditioner unit will have to work harder – which can increase your energy and electric costs and cause irreparable damage to your system.

Keep your A/C out of direct sunlight

AC units that operate in the shade typically run more efficiently. Make sure the A/C is situated behind your home or in an area that’s not going to be exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day.

Call an HVAC expert

Each one of your air conditioning units should be inspected, cleaned, and tuned by a licensed HVAC professional before summer begins. If you haven’t already had your annual HVAC tune-up, give us a call!

Install window film/tint to save energy

Install home window film or window tint to the insides of your windows. It can help keep the inside of your home cooler in the summer (and also warmer in the summer).

Is it time to upgrade?

Your old AC may just be inefficient because of its age. Consider replacing your system with a newer, energy-efficient model. When replacing your A/C unit, ensure you get the right sized unit. If you use a system that’s too large, it can cycle on and off – reducing the efficiency of the unit. To find the best system for you, consider consult an expert like A-Abel for help.