Emergency Standby Generators and Surge Protection

Emergency Standby Generators and Surge Protection

We can’t predict exactly when a wicked Ohio storm will come through, but we certainly expect one or two every year. Especially around this time of year.

When the power fails, most of us panic –
“How long?”
“What happened?”
“What are we going to do?”

In some cases, safety is paramount -you NEED power for medical devices, refrigeration or to keep the home office functioning.  Depending on a portable generator is NOT the answer. With an Emergency Standby Generator, you can maintain power during an outage event.  These powerful systems are designed to kick in seamlessly when your power is disrupted.

Some Real Problems with Portable Generators:

  • It’s never where you want it when you need it. (Buried in the garage- in the dark)
  • You’ll need fuel – lots of it -they run for a few hours at most.
  • They can only provide power through an extension cord- very limited capacity
  • They provide inconsistent current, which could damage some electronic devices
  • Filling them is dangerous and a fire hazard when not properly ventilated
  • Portables are not for use indoors, (or in garages)
  • They do not have enough power to run your air conditioner unit, freezer or range

Primary uses for Whole House Generator Systems include:

  • Power needed to maintain medical devices at home
  • Constant availability of home office equipment
  • Maintain cooling & heat during peak demand outages
  • Maintain power for major appliances & devices
  • Protect from power spikes that could ruin delicate electronic equipment

Whole house generators are designed to constantly monitor the power being delivered by the utility company.  When a disruption occurs, the outdoor unit kicks in (usually within 15 seconds) and delivers a safe, constant power supply.  No need for extension cords, gasoline re-fueling or manual “yanking” to fire up a gas engine. Our generator systems can be powered from several fuel options to provide longer service delivery.

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