10 Essential Tools For Your Home Repair Tool Kit

Every homeowner should have a good basic home repair tool kit for easy and quick repairs around the house. Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily need to get everything all at once. Especially if you’re a new homeowner. It’s best to get tools as you need them and when you can afford them. When purchasing your tools, invest in well-made ones that will last a lifetime rather than cheap tools that won’t last and need to be replaced.

home repair tool kit must-haves


Obviously, you’re going to want a box of some sort to hold your tools. Most toolboxes contain lots of compartments to help keep your tools well organized. Look for a toolbox that is sturdy and an adequate size for your household tool needs. This is going to be the foundation of your home repair tool kit!

Claw Hammer

A basic hammer is an essential in any home repair tool kit. It’s the perfect tool for basic home repairs, like driving in nails that might be sticking out a bit too far or pulling out nails that the previous homeowner may have neglected taking care of.

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is useful because it allows you to adjust the size of the wrench to fit various sized nuts and bolts. When using this device, make sure to secure the jaws snugly against the nut and bolt you want to twist. Double-check the jaws to ensure they make contact with at least 3 faces of the nut or bolt. To loosen a nut or bolt, turn the wrench handle counterclockwise. To tighten, turn the handle clockwise.

Tape Measure

Before you start your home repair project, it’s important to have accurate measurements. Remember: measure twice, cut once to save yourself time and money! This little tool is also quite handy when you’re first moving into your home and need measurements to fit furniture and other fixtures. It’s also a must-have to measure for upgrades if you’re looking to redesign.

Locking Pliers

This multi-purpose tool is great for gripping nuts and pipes that need to be tightened. They’re pretty much what their name implies – pliers that lock into position, allowing them to firmly grip objects with remarkable strength. This tool can be used for clamping, holding small parts into position for gluing or soldering, pulling nails and staples out, extracting rounded nuts and bolts, replacing a broken knob or level (temporarily), pinching off pipes or tubes, driving screws in a pinch, and even wire cutting.

Combination Pliers

Another useful gripping tool for holding, turning, or pulling out various types of nails. These are typically used for any job that requires gripping, compressing, bending, twisting, extracting, and cutting various materials.


Useful for when the power is off or when you need light in tight working corners. A flashlight is another must-have to keep in your home repair tool kit or just to have in easy to reach places around your house.

Flat-Head/Cross-Headed Screwdrivers

Having a selection of flat-head and cross-headed screwdrivers of different sizes and lengths is beneficial for helping you tighten/loosen most slot-headed/cross-headed screws.

Utility Knife (Box-cutter)

A utility knife is always useful for many different tasks around the house, including:

  • Opening up packages
  • Cutting through carpet
  • Removing old caulk
  • Ensuring clean lines on a paint job
  • Making clean cuts on laminated plywood or vinyl flooring
  • Trimming wood shims
  • Replacing a portion of a shingle
  • Repairing a window screen

 Scraper/Putty Knife

Useful for scraping off loose, flaky surfaces so you have a cleaner work area for your home repair. This tool is especially useful if you need to:

  • Hang drywall – Scoop up just the right amount of compound, fill nail holes, and adhere paper tape more easily.
  • Rip off that drab, old wallpaper – If your home is ready for a quick facelift, this tool is great for slipping neatly under loosened wallpaper so you can lift it up and remove it with ease.
  • Pull off old grout or caulking – Tired of that crumbly old grout between the tiles or the discolored caulking around your tub? Use a putty knife to quickly and easily pull off that old gunk for a fresh slate to re-caulk or re-grout.

For times when DIY may not be the best course of action, contact a professional like A-Abel to help you with your home repair project!