What are the benefits of preventative furnace maintenance?

Winter is here and maintenance is important in keeping your furnace operating efficiently and reliably until it warms up, again. The HVAC experts at A-Abel are here to help answer your most commonly asked furnace maintenance questions. We want to help you take proper care of your furnace so it can keep your home warm and cozy for the rest of the winter.

Question 1: What are the benefits of preventative furnace maintenance?

Preventative furnace maintenance, conducted by an expert HVAC technician, provides many benefits to homeowners. Here are a few for you to consider if you’re hesitant to set up an appointment for a furnace tune-up:


Furnaces are typically an investment – which means they can be quite expensive. You probably don’t want to spend thousands to replace a furnace that breaks down prematurely. Preventative furnace maintenance provides the right amount of care to keep your furnace operating efficiently – which reduces wear and tear to parts and allows maintenance technicians to catch unit issues before they progress into more costly and complicated repairs or replacements. Remember – it’s better to be proactive than reactive.

Improved Energy Efficiency -> Lower Heating Costs

As mentioned above, preventative furnace maintenance tune-ups reduce wear and tear to system components. An HVAC expert will clean and lubricate parts to ensure they’re working the way they’re supposed to. A technician can also resolve problems that may be causing your furnace to expend excessive energy while it’s running. An annual tune-up not only ensures your furnace is working – it helps keep your heating bills from skyrocketing. A tune-up can lead to reduced energy consumption and reduced heating costs.


When your furnace is regularly inspected and maintained, it operates reliably. This can provide superior comfort throughout your home. Maintenance gets rid of performance issues that may be keeping heat from spreading throughout your home.

Keep your home warm this winter – and keep it warm without the costs. Have one of our expert HVAC technicians come out to your home to do a furnace tune-up. Contact us today!