What To Do About Inconsistent Room Temperature

What To Do About Inconsistent Room Temperature

Noticing random hot and cold spots throughout your home? These problems with room temperature are often because of improperly sized ductwork or issues related to airflow.

The Issue

The wrong sized ducts and grilles reduce airflow, which may lead to problems with regulating room temperature in your home. If you notice loud airflow or strange noises, like whistling or popping, it may be a sign of improperly sized ducts or blocked vents/registers.

Check your ductwork for signs of kinks and damage, as well as:

  • a clean air filter
  • 2″ clearance around your outdoor condenser unit
  • open/obstructed vents and registers
  • at least 1 support for every 4′ of flex ducts

To ensure your duct work is working properly or if you suspect your air ducts have been installed wrong, call an HVAC professional as soon as possible.