Is It Safe To Use a Three-Prong Adapter?

Is it Safe to use a three-prong adapter?

A three-prong adapter enables a three-prong plug to connect to a receptacle with only 2 slots. They’re most often used to plug modern appliances and electronics into older 2-prong receptacles.

Pros Of Three-Prong Adapters

  • They allow you to use electronics or appliances in areas you might not be able to normally use them
  • You can find them easily in stores
  • You don’t have to re-wire anything

Cons of Three-Prong Adapters

  • They’re not a safe solution – electronics have the 3rd prong to protect from electrical problems, electrical surges, and fires. Without that functionality, electrical devices can break and cause damage to your home.
  • It does not function in the same way as a grounded circuit
  • If an there is an electrical surge, the electricity can cause electrocution and electrical fires

If your home only has two prong outlets, your best (and safest) option is to replace your wall outlets. Two-pronged outlets are outdated, unsafe, and unable to keep up with almost all modern technology. Updating your wall outlets to three prongs is an affordable option. It can be a simple one, too – you may only need a grounding wire added into your home.

Is it time to upgrade?

If you’re using three-prong adapters, it’s probably time to update your electrical wiring situation. If you’re ready to protect your home and electrical devices, call A-Abel today.