The Benefits Of Owning A Standby Generator

The Benefits Of Owning A Standby Generator

Every week, an average of about 3.5 million people will experience a sudden power outage in their home. Storms come and go but what are the costs that they leave behind? A power outage can do more than leave you and your household in the dark.

In the dead of winter, an outage can leave you without heat. In the summer, it can cause your home to become unlivable during a heat wave. The cost of a hotel room to protect yourself from the cold and heat runs about $150+ per night. But living conditions and expenses aren’t the only costs you have to consider. A power outage can cause you to lose up to $200 in spoiled food!

If you want to keep your family healthy, well-fed, alert, refreshed, and ready for the day, invest in a Briggs & Stratton Standby Generator. Don’t let something that’s unavoidable like a power outage stand in the way of your family’s comfort and well-being. For more than 100, over 60 million households have relied on Briggs & Stratton to power their outdoor equipment every day. A Briggs & Stratton generator isn’t just a standby generator, it’s a generator that will stand by you.

To learn more about home standby generators from Briggs & Stratton, give A-Abel electric a call today!

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