Aluminum Wiring Vs. Copper Wiring

Copper Vs. Aluminum Wiring

To put it simply, the difference between copper and aluminum wiring is that copper is more stable. Aluminum is much cheaper than copper but because of some of the serious issues homeowners run into with aluminum wires it’s no longer used in residential electrical.

Stability is a big issue when comparing

The biggest problem with aluminum wiring is that it’s less stable. Aluminum is a great conductor, but it’s susceptible to expanding and contracting from the heat of electrical current.

Outdated Wiring Can Lead To House Fires

In older homes, aluminum wires can slowly move and create loose connections. These loose connections can eventually cause the aluminum wire to disconnect from outlets and switches – creating a house fire risk.

Oxidization + Heat Build Up

Another problem with aluminum is that it oxidizes quickly. Copper wire also oxides, but it just turns green – which doesn’t affect the conductivity. When aluminum wire oxides it forms a crust around it that isn’t conductive. This can cause issues with heat build up – posing another serious fire hazard.

Do You Have Aluminum Wiring In Your Home?

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