Plumbing and Electrical Tasks You Need To Have Done Before a Home Resale

Plumbing and Electrical Tasks You Need To Have Done Before a Home Resale

When you place your home on the market for resale, the real estate agent will walk through your home, making a recommended list of improvements. It is a known fact of real estate that preparing a home for sale attracts more buyers and offers, selling the home faster. Many of the common improvements are cosmetic, but completing plumbing and electrical work should always be included.

HoneGain, a leading real estate resource connecting home sellers and buyers with real estate agents, includes plumbing and electrical in their list of top 10 home improvements when selling your home. In fact, they report 95 percent of real estate agents recommend it before placing your home on the market for sale. It makes sense when you think about it.

When a buyer makes an offer, a home inspection contingency is always included in a real estate sales agreement. In order to complete the deal, a home inspector will evaluate your home and find every defect, large and small. A buyer could then try to negotiate a better price, ask you to make repairs, or completely back out of the deal.

before a home resale

Here is our checklist:


  • Check the drains. Make sure they are clean and free-flowing.
  • Toilets must all be in good working condition.
  • Inspect and repair your well and septic system.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms should work and not drip.
  • Replace any corroded or rusted pipes.
  • Ensure the water heater works and heats to set temperature.


  • Outside, inspect the line coming in is not damaged or deteriorated.
  • Exterior lights and outlets should all work.
  • Make sure the fuse box is organized and in good condition.
  • Evaluate visible wiring found in the basement, attic, or crawl space.
  • Ensure all light switches and electrical outlets work.
  • Repair or replace broken smoke detectors, doorbells, etc.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs.
  • Inspect HVAC system.

If you would like to talk more about completing plumbing and electrical work before a home resale, or need more information, please contact us.