The Dangers of FPE Circuit Breakers: Are You At Risk?

A major part of your home safety that you may not even think about is your circuit breaker. Your circuit breaker is what ensures that your house is safe from electrical malfunctions.

If your house was built between 1950-1990, you probably have a Federal Pacific Electric circuit breaker panel. These breakers are shown to run a bigger risk of malfunctioning and even causing house fires.

Circuit breakers are supposed to guard your house against serious electrical problems by preventing overload, sorting, and power surges from occurring on the circuits. When a circuit overload happens, the circuit is supposed to protect the breaker and home by shutting down power to the circuit.

Though, if your breaker is old of defective, the risk of creating an overload or circuit fire is drastically increased.

What makes these breakers so dangerous?

Tests run on this specific breaker has increasingly shown that a number of them are defective.

An estimated 2,800 fires are the result of one of these breaker’s malfunctioning. Federal pacific Electric has been out of business for a while, but their negligence can still cause families harm.

Do you have a Federal Pacific panel?

If you’re unsure, you should check your box. A federal pacific panel will generally have its name or logo on the front cover.

You should contact a trained electrician to replace your circuit breaker panel. Contact us and we can help you replace that old breaker and install a new one to protect your home and your family.