What Exactly Is Dishwasher Safe

What Exactly Is Dishwasher Safe

Modern dishwashers are tough, well-built appliances. They can tackle food stains that are tough to remove but they also have the ability to damage delicate dishes and other cookware that isn’t deemed dishwasher safe. There are also a few things you may be tempted to run through your dishwasher that may ruin the appliance itself.

Here’s a quick list things that aren’t dishwasher safe.

Food-covered dishes

Your dishwasher is not a garbage disposal. Chunks of food may get broken up by water jets but it can also easily clog the drain line. These clogs may eventually require a visit from your friendly, local plumber.

Scrape or wipe your dishes before putting them inside of your machine to make sure they’re dishwasher safe.

Sticky Labels

If you just bought new dishwasher safe dishes or plasticware, make sure to remove the sticky labels before running the items through your dishwasher. These labels can loosen and fall off inside your dishwasher, causing a clog in the drain or filter.

Dishes or utensils that have glue/adhesive

Whether it’s a broken dish that you stuck back together with glue or a utensil that has joints held together with adhesive, make sureyou’re washing these items by hand.

Insulated travel mugs

Unless they’re labeled as dishwasher safe, avoid running insulated travel mugs. Moisture can seep inside, comprising insulation and leading to mold growth.


Wooden utensils, cutting boards, and other kitchenware should be washed and dried immediately. These items are not dishwasher safe so running them through can cause them to swell, warp, and crack.

Cast Iron

Ideally you should gently and carefully clean cast iron to ensure it remains seasoned. While the pans themselves are technically dishwasher safe, running cast iron through a dishwasher will strip away all of the seasoning.

If you somehow develop a clog in the drain line, don’t worry. Call A-Abel plumbing to schedule service from a licensed professional!