Smart Home Plumbing Trends for 2020

People don’t tend to think about plumbing as modern or innovative. Indoor plumbing has existed since ancient times. In fact, the first flush toilets date back to the 18th century BC. Nonetheless, the plumbing industry is becoming extremely innovative and is incorporating cutting-edge technology. Here’s what’s in store for smart home plumbing trends for 2020.

smart home plumbing

Fancy Voice Activated Faucets

Your kitchen faucet is one of the most used and under-appreciated components of your plumbing system. You use it for washing the fruits and vegetables you eat to sustain your body, as well as scrubbing up your kids’ dirty hands before dinnertime. A growing number of homeowners are turning to voice-activated assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Nest to turn on their faucets as one of the top smart home plumbing trends of 2020. Many plumbing fixture manufacturers have integrated smart assistant features into their faucets now. These enable you to turn on and off your faucet and adjust the temperature with just your voice. It also allows you to request a specific quantity of water – which is a budget and eco friendly feature.

Top of the line toilets

Your porcelain throne can get a major upgrade with Bluetooth technology. The most sought after features include heated seats, automatic flushing, and even lighting options. Smart toilets aren’t just a novelty idea anymore.

Smarter showers

Like with toilets, today’s showers also offer a new wave of convenience options. Voice-control tech allows you to turn off and on your shower, and even pause it if you need to attend to a child or take a quick call during the middle of your routine. Speaking of routine, too, smart showers can be scheduled to run. This means you can have your shower start and be ready for you to hop right into out of bed in the morning. You can even set your shower to specific temperatures – whether you’re someone that likes it freezing cold or almost scalding hot. In addition, today’s smart showers can also be time set. This feature only allows users a specific amount of time per shower so you can easily reduce water consumption.

Wi-Fi Enabled Water Heaters

If you’re not already familiar with how much energy your water heater utilizes, you’d probably be surprised. This component of your plumbing system is kept extra busy – ensuring you have plenty of hot water available for washing dishes, doing laundry, and taking showers. With rising gas and electricity costs, it’s no surprise that modern homeowners are switching over to smart home plumbing technology to reduce energy consumption and save money on their bills. Water heaters are beginning to introduce smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity. This means they’re able to send you alerts for spills and leaks. It also helps keep water temperature optimized for both comfort and efficiency.

Water Filtration Notification

So many homeowners around Dayton have some sort of water filtration system because of the hard water that’s common in this area. Today’s water filtration systems use Bluetooth connectivity connected to your smartphone to monitor and track water usage. They also send alerts when it’s time to replace and reorder new filter replacements.

Smart Sprinklers

By now, most homeowners are familiar with sprinklers that allow you to set manual timers. Nowadays you can take it one step further by using your phone to set up watering schedules that will help ensure your lawn stays green and your landscape remains healthy and lush. You also get the luxury of receiving weather alerts through these apps so you can pause or adjust your watering schedules as needed.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk more about the amazing smart home plumbing trends for 2020 or want more information about how you can upgrade your home, please contact our plumbing team.

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