6 Things You Should Never Put Down A Garbage Disposal (Unless You Want To Ruin Your Disposal Blades)

6 Things You Should Never Put Down A Garbage Disposal (Unless You Want To Ruin Your Disposal Blades)

If you’re a fortunate homeowner that has the luxury of having a garbage disposal, you need to know how to take care of it, to avoid any potentially costly plumbing problems. While there are plenty of foods that are absolutely fine to dump down the drain into your garbage disposal, there are a few things that you should avoid shoving through your disposal blades.



Because of their shape and hardness, bones will just be stuck spinning around with the disposal blades until removed. If your disposal is strong enough to break down a couple of them, you may end up with clogged pipes from the chunks that won’t be able to get flushed through.


A strange thing not to be able to process, we know. But the fibrous strings of celery can easily get tangled around your disposal blades, causing the unit to not function properly or stop working although until the mass can be removed by a plumber.

Coffee grounds

Another deceptive food substance. They seemingly go down easily but they have a tendency to compact and create a sludge like mess in your drain.

Fruit pits/seeds

Smaller seeds, like those of grapes can slip through the garbage disposal and your pipes just fine. But larger fruit bits, like peach pits and avocado seeds aren’t going to be able to be ground up by your disposal blades.


This is something you normally shouldn’t pour down your drain and is something you still shouldn’t put down you sink even if you have a garbage disposal. Grease can harden and stick to the inside of your pipes, causing major blockages that will likely need a plumber’s touch to fix.

Pasta and rice

Whatever the kind, pasta expands a lot when mixed and left to sit in water. Noodles and rice will swell and clump in the disposal trap.

If you accidentally sent any of the above down your kitchen drain and are now dealing with a clogged sink, don’t worry! Call one of our professional plumbers to unclog your garbage disposal.

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