Myths About Heat Pumps – Debunked

Winter is upon us and for some, that means it might be time to replace your old heating system. When considered options over your old heating system, don’t forget heat pumps when researching the right HVAC unit for your home needs. Heat pump systems have been an efficient and reliable option for year-round comfort for years. That being said, a lot of people are still a bit skeptical, mostly because of misconceptions they’ve heard through the grapevine. Don’t worry, we’re here to dispel some of those myths so you can make an informed decision when deciding which system is the best for your needs and comfort. 

Myth #1 Gas furnaces are more comfortable

While gas furnaces due tend to deliver higher temperature air from heat vents, most new heat pumps are able to close the gap and deliver similar heating results to keep you comfy. If you live in a cooler environment, like Ohio, electric heat pumps are great in combination with a gas furnace. Both units can improve energy efficiency and result in major savings in your heating costs during the winters. 

Myth #2: Gas furnaces are more efficient

In milder climates (again, like Ohio), a heat pump can be the more efficient option. Heat pumps work by moving heat from one place to another rather than creating heat. This means they don’t have to work as hard or use as much energy in mild environments.

Myth #3: Heat pumps don’t work in cold climates

Just because heat pumps are encouraged for use in mild climates, that doesn’t mean they still aren’t a good fit if you live in a colder place. Modern heat pump technology can provide reliable, efficient heating even when it’s -15 F. That’s enough comfort to sustain people in most parts of the country!

Myth #4: Heats pumps are just heaters

While the name throws people off, heat pumps actually provide both heating and cooling. They move into your home during winter to help increase indoor temperature and then reverse the process to move heat out of your home during the summer. 

Myth #5: Heat pumps are kinda noisy 

Older models, yes. Today’s versions have solved the problem and offer sound ratings as low as 55 decibels (about what you’d hear if an air conditioner was running). 

As you continue to consider options for replacing your old heating system, don’t rule out a heat pump just yet! Talk with a local HVAC technician and find out what heating system is right for your home and comfort needs. Contact A-Abel to schedule an appointment with our team to find the right fit for you!