Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

Are you ready for summer? Is your home ready for the upcoming weather? Here are some tips from the A-Abel team to help you get your home ready for the hottest season of the year.

Prep Your Air Conditioner

When the temperature starts to rise, you want to know that your air conditioner can stand up to the challenge. Spring is the time to get your routine maintenance done, so that your air conditioner is prepared for all of the challenges of the summer months. Schedule an inspection from your HVAC team to ensure the air conditioner is prepped to run cool all summer.

Check Your Roof and Gutters

Now that the danger of show and ice is mostly gone, get up on your roof and check for signs of damage from the summer. Then, while you are up there, clean out your gutters. In the summer, rain can be quite heavy, and clean gutters will keep you from having any unwanted leaks.

Clean the Exterior

If you don’t have siding that will be damaged, consider pressure washing the exterior of your home. This will remove dirt, mildew and stains from the home, giving your home a fresh look.

Take Care of Pests

Pests like to take refuge in your home during the cold winter months. Now that you can open up the home, it’s time to go to war on them. Insects, rodents and spiders can all create problems in your home, so talk to a pest control professional about the best way to deal with them.

Prep the Patio

Finally, prep your patio or deck for summer entertaining. Wash it down, and repair any areas that are in need of repair. If you are planning to pain or stain it, do that in the spring, so the finish has time to set before you start entertaining in earnest.

If you need help with any of these summer maintenance task, the A-Abel team is only a phone call away. We would be happy to assist you with getting your home ready for summer! Let us know how we can help.