Do you need to install a lightning rod on your home?

Does your home need a lightning rod?

How a lightning rod works

Just one lightning bolt has between 100 million and 1 billion volts of electricity! Lightning rods intercept this large voltage, allowing a safe path for lightning current to flow into the ground. A lightning rod doesn’t decrease the chance that your home may be struck but it does provide a direct path to the ground, preventing significant damage from occurring. Without a lightning rod, your home may suffer from a fire, explosion, and electrical surges.

Should you install a lightning rod?

Statistically speaking, lightning is the most common weather hazard that a homeowner can experience. Lightning can also strike the same place multiple times. If you live in a tall home, have trees taller than your home close by, or live in an area (such as Ohio) with high lightning strikes, installing a lightning rod is highly recommended.

What else can you do?

Worried about electrical storms? Consider have surge protectors, suppressors, and arrestors installed by a professional like A-Abel on your home’s electrical panel. These offer additional protection for your electrical system and keep your expensive electronics safe against lightning damage and other surge-related damage.

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