What’s Better: Showering in the Morning or at Night?

What’s Better: Showering in the Morning or at Night?

Do you wake up early to start the day off with a hot shower? Or do you prefer to wash the day away before hitting the hay? There are pros and cons to both but which is actually better?

Morning Showering vs. Night Showering

Morning Showers: Showering in the morning allows you to wash off your bed head, the crust that builds up around your eyes, and any sweat – we’ve all woken up in the middle of the night sweating before.

Night Showers: Showering in the evening washes away the day’s germs – which may be important if you take public transportation or work in a “hands-on” career field (like plumbing, roofing, construction, nursing, teaching, etc). It also helps those who may have difficulties falling asleep – warm water helps your muscles relax.

Which is better?

In the end, studies have shown that one is not better than the other. The big determining factor in deciding which is right for you – perspiration.

People tend to perspire when asleep. This leaves you laying in your own sweat for the night. If you don’t shower in the morning, you may go the entire day covered in that.

Can You Do Both?

If you have the time, you can shower twice a day. But there are a couple of things to consider.

If you shower in both the morning and the evening, you should aim for 5 minute long, lukewarm showers. Avoid washing your hair more than once! Oily scalps develop from dry, overwashed heads.

When do you prefer to shower? During your showers, if you notice a leak or low water pressure, make sure to call your local plumbing experts at A-Abel so you don’t have to spend your showering time worrying.