WARNING: Don’t Fall Victim To These Bad Shower Habits

Bad Shower Habits? We Can Help!

Are you aware that there are some shower habits that can have negative effects on your body and your bathroom? Here’s a few of the most common shower mistakes that many people make.

Mistake #1: Long, Hot Showers

While a long, hot shower every so often can be incredibly relaxing and satisfying, hot water is more damaging than you might realize. Lengthy hot showers can cause your skin to dry out and become unbearably itchy. If your bathroom doesn’t receive proper ventilation then mold will mostly likely develop fast. Inadequate ventilation can produce a moist environment that mold will thrive in.

The solution:

try for moderately warm, 5-10 minute showers.

Mistake #2: Leaving your loofah out

Many of us leave our loofahs hanging in our showers after we’re done bathing. This is actually a terrible habit to get into! Letting your loofah remain in the wet environment of your shower creates a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria.

The Solution:

When you’re done using your loofah, rinse it, ring it dry, and keep it outside of the shower – in a place where there’s little to no moisture.

Mistake #3: Hair Down There

Even if you don’t have long hair or shave your legs in your shower, a lot of hair will end up on your shower floor. This hair will eventually end up down your drain, which can create clogs and blockages – which can be damaging to your plumbing (and end up being costly in the long run).

The solution:

Solve this problem by purchasing an easy to clean drain cover designed to catch hair.

Are you guilty of one of these mistakes? Has your bathroom suffered as a result of moisture clinging to your bathroom ceiling because of a bad shower habit? Do you have a terrible clog in your drain that you can’t quite reach? If your bathroom needs a little extra attention, contact A-Abel to help solve your plumbing problems.