Facts About Frozen Pipes Part 2: 4 Signs of a Frozen Pipe

As the temperatures drop, it’s important to know that cold temperatures can cause a water pipe to freeze.  A frozen pipe should be taken seriously to prevent damage to your home and property.

Here are 4 warning signs that your pipes might be frozen. 

1. Temperature  

Pipes can’t freeze unless it’s cold. If it’s cold enough for water to freeze outside, it’s cold enough for the pipes inside of your home to freeze (especially pipes in poorly insulated areas). When the temperature outside drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below, make sure you’re taking steps to prevent your pipes from freezing. 

2. There’s Frost On The Pipe 

If your pipes are visible, check for frost that might build on the outside of the pipe. This can be a clear indication that the pipe is frozen.  

3. Water Has Stopped Coming Out Of Your Faucet 

Another sign that you have a frozen pipe is a lack of running water. If you turn on a faucet and little or no water comes out, it could be an indication that the water pipe leading to the faucet is frozen.

4. Weird Smells 

A less common clue that your pipe might be frozen is a strange smell coming from your faucet or drain. When the pipe is blocked, any odors within the pipe are forced back up into your home.  

It’s important to act fast to unthaw a frozen pipe if you find one. Contact a professional, like A-Abel Plumbing, to thaw the frozen pipe(s) for you.