The Need For Backup Generators In Older Homes

Backup Generators In Older Homes vs. Modern Electrical Work

If you live in an older home, you know that after a while the receptacles, where you plug-in your small appliances, electronics, and all those gadgets you need for life, start to crack and break. The lights get cracks in the glass, and things just start to wear out.

Older homes have fewer places to plug-in devices because no one envisioned the amount of electrical gadgetry we use in day-to-day modern life. Newer homes have more places to plug-in stuff, and more circuits to support the extra load. If you are using extension cords and plug strips to increase your outlet number, chances are you are in need of more circuits.

Don’t Put Off An Electrical Update

If you live in a home that doesn’t have up-to-date electrical work, you need it done. There are a lot of things that you can safely do as a homeowner, but electrical work is not one you want to attempt. While we need our electric lights, appliances, and gadgets, we should never take lightly the power with which we are dealing. Improperly installed fixtures and devices and overloaded circuits can lead to damage to your equipment and even to fires. This is why it is not good to try to do this yourself.

Outdated Electrical Work Leads To Power Outages

As older homes are also more prone to power outages and faulty wiring, it’s also important to have backup generators in older homes just in case your power goes out. You don’t to leave your family in the dark. Especially if you try to do “at-home” repairs, and end up doing more harm than good.

Home Upgrades Don’t Have To Be Overwhelming

At A-Abel our certified electrical technicians are more than qualified for all your residential electrical services. We can troubleshoot your electrical system, and advise you to any existing and potential future problems. We will give you a free lighting assessment showing how much you can save with lighting upgrades. Don’t let this overwhelm you. There is financing available to help you deal with significant problems, and we will advise you as to any rebates available. Contact us today for the peace-of-mind you deserve.