What is the purpose of a bathroom exhaust fan?

What is the purpose of a bathroom exhaust fan?

The main purpose of a bathroom exhaust fan is to remove moisture from your bathroom. It also helps to control and eliminate odors. Additionally, exhaust fans can add to the safety of your home and its residents and improve the quality of your indoor air by reducing fumes from cleaning chemicals.

Benefits of a bathroom exhaust fan

Eliminate odors

One of the significant reasons why many people have a bathroom exhaust fan is to get rid of unwanted odors. If there’s an unpleasant odor, the bathroom exhaust fan can easily draw it out. The fan also you to keep your bathroom well maintained and offers an inviting, clean atmosphere for the next person.

Reduce humidity

Keeping the humidity levels down in your bathroom is important, especially if you live in an area like Ohio where there’s a lot of moisture. Excessive moisture can deteriorate bathroom walls, causing paint and wallpaper to peel. It may even cause wooden doors to warp!

The danger that comes from too much humidity in your bathroom is mold build up. Spores can grow rapidly and are difficult to remove. A bathroom exhaust fan can help reduce moisture and keep you safe.

Eliminate airborne contaminants

Most people clean their bathrooms with harsh chemicals, which can lead to a variety of serious health conditions if inhaled. Small children, the elderly, and those with lung conditions (like COPD or asthma) are especially at risk.

A bathroom exhaust fan will pull out airborne contaminants (including mold spores) to help ensure your household stays healthy

Prevent your mirrors from fogging up

In addition to the safety and health benefits a bathroom exhaust fan has to offer, it also helps remove water vapor on your mirrors and walls. Which means you can jump from your shower/bath and straight to getting ready without having to pause to wait for the mirrors to defog or wasting time trying to clean off a layer of moisture build up.

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