Learn How The Briggs & Stratton Smart Generator Prioritizes Your Power Needs

Briggs & Stratton Smart Generator Prioritizes Your Power Needs

Work smarter not harder. A Briggs & Stratton smart generator with power management will work intelligently to route power to where you need it most.

Say the power goes out… Your generator is running and you have the lights on, the heat running, your sump pump on, and the washer going. You want to start cooking dinner, so you turn on the stove. Your Briggs & Stratton smart generator will automatically use the priority you preset to allow the “high priority” stove to get the energy it needs to turn on while it pauses the “lower priority” washer. Once you’re done cooking, the smart generator will reroute power back to the washer to finish your load of laundry.

Other smart generators don’t have this option. They’ll only distribute energy to appliances that are already on. Or they’ll attempt to distribute power to meet all of your energy needs. Which they won’t be able to do – leaving you in the dark when the generator becomes overloaded!

Don’t get left in the dark. Contact A-Abel to get your Briggs & Stratton smart generator today!