How Neglecting Your Ceiling Fan Repairs Can Impact Your HVAC Efficiency

How Neglecting Your Ceiling Fan Repairs Can Impact Your HVAC Efficiency

Homeowners are constantly trying to improve on energy efficiency within their homes. But there’s one repair that many homeowners neglect. It’s easy to ignore problems with your ceiling fan(s). It’s never a good idea to delay any type of electrical repair, as it can end up being a safety hazard for you and your family. Delaying repair on your ceiling fan isn’t life-threatening, but it can cause a huge negative impact on your HVAC efficiency. How?

Ceiling Fans 101

Ceiling fans are quite underrated. They can’t be used alone to help cool your living space, but when paired with an efficient HVAC system, they can circulate cool air evenly throughout the room(s) they’re installed in.

In the summer months, upstairs rooms can be difficult to keep cool (since heat rises). Ceiling fans can help push cool air back down, helping the rooms to cool more quickly. This results in an air conditioner that shuts off sooner – reducing your monthly utility bills.

Ceiling Fans Beneficial Summer?

Absolutely! A majority of homeowners don’t realize that their ceiling fans have a switch on them that changes the direction of the fan blades. This feature helps move heat where it needs to be. The switch can usually be found near the center of the fan, where the light fixture mounts.

A ceiling fan or multiple ceiling fans can help a heating system work more efficiently just like it can for an A/C. No matter the time of year, delaying ceiling fan repairs can mean that you’re not getting the most from your HVAC system – and that you’ll ultimately end up paying way too much for your utility bills!

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