The Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

DIY Dangers – Electrical Work

As homeowners, we want to believe that we’re capable of tackling most of our own home improvement projects. You might be able to work on certain tasks. For example, painting or installing new flooring. But there are a few areas of your home that you should always contact a professional to oversee. Most importantly, electrical work.  

It might be tempting to jump into DIY electrical work, especially after binging on YouTube DIY tutorials. Doing electrical work yourself can have some pretty serious consequences, though. Here are 6 reasons why you should call a professional like A-Abel when it comes to doing electrical projects in your home.  


The most obvious danger of DIY electrical troubleshooting. Even just touching the wrong wires against each other or not double-checking that the current is turned off can have deadly results.  


Faulty connections, using the wrong gauge of wire, or overloading a circuit. These are common DIY electrical work errors. Errors such as these can cause overheating and sparks that can lead to a house fire. 

Wrongly Labeled Breaker Box 

If you’re unfamiliar with your breaker box and rely on labels left by a previous homeowner, you might accidentally injury yourself by being fooled into believing the current to a room is off just because the lights are off. A professional can help identify and relabel your breaker box for you. 

Ceiling Fan Crash 

It might seem like a simple process to install a new ceiling fan. If installed incorrectly, the fan could come crashing down on you or a loved one. A more common occurrence than you might think. 

Expensive Repairs 

If you don’t do your wiring properly, it has the potential to fail. When this happens, you’ll probably have to hire a pro to troubleshoot. Save yourself the time and money by hiring a professional to assist you in the beginning stages of a project.  Plus, ensure your project gets done well the first time!

If you want to prevent costly and dangerous mishaps, contact a local professional like A-Abel. Let us get your electrical work projects done safely and correctly.