5 Fall Home Maintenance Tasks To Tackle Before The Temperature Drops

5 Fall Home Maintenance Tasks To Tackle Before The Temperature Drops

While there’s still some time left before winter comes, you should consider preparing for the cooler months now! The first freeze often takes most people by surprise, which can not only be uncomfortable but can end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs. Just a little fall home maintenance can keep your home in tip-top shape all winter long.

Keep Critters From Crawling In

Just like humans, critters like rodents and other pests will try seek a warm place to snuggle up in when the temperatures start to get colder. Look around your house for any cracks that could potentially be doorways for critters to sneak inside. Seal any of these openings up with spray foam or, for a more temporary fix, steel wool. If you suspect there may be critters and pests already in your home, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced exterminator, like A-Abel, to get them out before they cause havoc and property damage.

Clean your chimney

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, make sure you’re good to go before you start the first fire of the fall. Inspect your chimney to make sure there’s no debris or nests inside.

Switch your ceiling fan(s)

Most homeowners don’t realize that their ceiling fans aren’t just for the summer. Your ceiling fan should have a switch hidden somewhere along it’s base that you can flip. This will can the fan to move clockwise. The change in direction creates an updraft that allows hot air to get pushed down into your rooms (remember: hot air rises), which is an especially useful thing for homes that have higher ceilings. If you’re still feeling chilly, you may want to consider having an energy audit done on your home. A professional like A-Abel will be able to determine if your home is energy efficient and if your heating system is working effectively to keep you and your family warm over the winter.

Take out or cover your A/C

Unless you’re in an apartment complex that has air conditioning units mounted inside the walls, you’ll likely want to move your A/C unit indoors. This will prevent the outdoor elements from damaging the fan and coils. Indoor A/C units should be removed, cleaned, covered, and placed in an area like the garage or basement until they’re needed again. Outdoor units should be properly covered as instructed in the unit’s user manual to keep it from becoming damage by heavy snow, ice, or debris that could be blown around by heavier winter winds. If you’ve happened to notice that your HVAC system was running a bit slow throughout the summer, take the time this fall to schedule an inspection. An expert HVAC technician will be able to asses the problem, ensure your heating system is working properly for the winter, and can ensure your A/C will be ready to go next spring, when the temperatures start rising again.

Assess your slip and fall risks

Whether you’re getting a little older yourself or plan on having elderly parents or grandparents over for the holidays, it’s a good idea to fall-proof your home to keep you and your family safe. Check to make sure your floors are slip-proof and that any rugs you may have are fastened and not loose. While hot baths are amazing in the cooler months, assess whether you should install grab bars or a step in shower. Does your home have enough lighting to ensure you and your guests can see and identify potential hazards as the days become darker? Examine your outside steps and sidewalks for any broken steps that may become trip hazards when covered with snow or any overgrown shrubs that may make it difficult for someone to walk around.

For help with your fall home maintenance, give A-Abel a call. We can make sure your home is safe and sound for when the first snow hits.