Humidify Your House (without a humidifier!)

Humidify Your House

Winter months bring low humidity, which can become an issue within your home. Low humidity can aggravate your allergies, cause dry skin, and increase your family’s susceptibility to colds and the flu.

Here are are a few ways to add moisture to your indoor air without a humidifier!


Plants provide moisture into the air through transpiration. The dry air in your home can be rough on plants as they wage war against the lack of humidity. Make sure your houseplants are kept well watered to make sure they’re doing their job.

Stovetop cooking

Invest in a stovetop kettle to make your cup of tea. The steam from the boiling water will help add moisture into the air.

Leave your bathroom door open when your shower

When you take a nice, steamy shower, leave your door open for an easy way to add a little moisture to the air in nearby areas.

Bowls of water on registers

The most effective way to humidify your house without a humidifier! Place metal or ceramic bowls (not plastic!) full of fresh, clean water on heat registers or radiators to push humidity into the air. This is an especially great tactic if your furnace is turned up high.

Indoor clothes drying racks

Use a rack to dry your clothes at room temperature rather than tossing them into a dryer. It takes a little longer for your clothing to dry, but you’ll get moisture released into your home and save money by not having the dryer running.