Plumbing Tips: When Fixing a Running Toilet Goes Wrong

When it comes to plumbing repairs, usually your best option is to hire an experienced plumber to get the job done. However, there are some repairs almost any homeowner can complete on their own, like replacing the toilet fill valve. The parts are inexpensive. You don’t need any plumbing training or experience, and there are no special tools. That being said, there are times when an easy fix becomes complicated. We’re here to help you learn about fixing a running toilet and how to troubleshoot if things go wrong.

Fixing a Running Toilet 

A toilet fill valve replacement is straightforward. You’ll buy a new value at the hardware store and use an adjustable wrench to help make the replacement. Start by turning off the supply line under the toilet. Disconnect it from the toilet. Remove the old toilet fill valve. Insert the new value and reconnect the supply line. Make sure to connect the refill tube to the overflow. Turn on the water. You may need to adjust the water level, but that’s it! It’s easy unless something unexpected happens…

What To Do When The Toilet Keeps Running

This is a common problem some homeowners experience. When they turn off the supply line, the toilet keeps running. You may have never touched the supply shutoff valve before today. Nonetheless, the internal parts age and degrade. The one time you need it to work, it doesn’t. You should call a plumber to fix this, but we can still help you fix your toilet now.

Turn off the water supply

Inside the house, attempt to find where the water comes into your home. There you may find a valve that turns the water off to the entire home. A few turns, and you’re in business. Complete the repair, and turn your water back on. If it’s cold out and the water main shutoff valve is frozen,  don’t use a wrench and force it. This can cause a leak. Call a plumber to come out and perform the task for you. 

Using a water main curb key

The next step requires another trip to the hardware store and buying a water main curb key. This is how the water company turns your service on or off. If you know where the outside value is, a water main curb key also allows you to turn the water off to your house. You can now complete the repair. However, keep in mind, it illegal to use a water main curb key to turn your water on if it is off because you didn’t pay your bill.

If you would like to talk about your running toilet, or need more information, please contact us.