6 Ways To Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

Well folks, it’s getting to be that time of year again. Goodbye long, sunny days, hello short cold ones. It’s the best and worst part of living in the great state of Ohio. With the winter months arriving soon, frozen and busted pipes are just around the corner. Here are just a few things that you can do to help keep your pipes from freezing & insurance claims from happening.

Turn Off Valves

If you have shut off valves/isolation valves for any of your outside faucets.  Now is a good time to go ahead & shut them off

Winterize Your Yard

Make sure to disconnect any & all of your hoses from your outside faucets.  This includes hose bibs, yard hydrants & any other types of outdoor watering/irrigation. So many of us leave our outside faucets (hoses) hooked up all year long. Doing this causes the most issues & problems when it comes to froze & busted lines/outside faucets.

Check For Leaks

While you are checking your outside faucets.  If you notice that one of them is leaking or dripping.  PLEASE DO NOT just thread a cap on the end or any other type of shut off valve etc.  This will simply keep the frost proof/freeze less faucet from doing its job. Your faucet will just end up freezing, splitting & leaking.  Thus, causing you a lot of heartache & money the next time you go to use it (in the springtime)

Close & Seal Vents

If you have crawl space and or basement vents.  Now is the time to close them off & seal them up.

Go Ahead & Leave Doors Open

For your homes plumbing that is located on an outside (exterior) wall you can leave the cabinet/access doors open.  Like on your bathroom, kitchen and or laundry sinks

Leave Faucets Open

You can always leave any faucets open & dripping slightly.  A slow dripping faucet will only cost you around $3.50 a day.  That’s a lot cheaper than a $500.00 – $1000.00 + insurance deductible/claim.  Not to mention your rates etc. going up

The bottom line is that cold weather and frigid temperatures + water and water lines can equal disaster. Don’t hesitate to give A-Abel Plumbing a call if you have any questions and or concerns.  We are always here if you need us.