When Should A Furnace Maintenance Tune-Up Be Done?

Your Furnace Maintenance Questions Answered

Winter is here and maintenance is important in keeping your furnace operating efficiently and reliably until it warms up, again. The HVAC experts at A-Abel are here to help answer your most commonly asked furnace maintenance questions. We want to help you take proper care of your furnace so it can keep your home warm and cozy for the rest of the winter.

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Question #3: When should furnace maintenance tune-up be done?

A furnace maintenance tune-up should be done annually. For the best results, you should aim to schedule your furnace tune-up in the fall, before you turn on your heating system after a long summer. This gives your HVAC technician plenty of time to thoroughly check your HVAC system – which means problems can be found so your furnace is ready to go when you need it.

Even though it’s encouraged to have your furnace tune-up in the fall, it’s never to late to schedule it. Your system needs to be maintained each year, and whether it’s done early or late, a tune-up still provides many benefits and energy savings.

Changing out your furnace filter is an aspect of furnace maintenance that should be done more often. Depending on the type of filter used by your furnace, it should be changed (replaced or cleaned) ever 1-6 months. Check your filter each month during winter – as your furnace is being used more often this time of year.

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