Why You Should Stop Hand Washing Dishes

Why you should stop hand washing dishes

Are you still hand washing your dishes? Don’t have a dishwasher (or have one that’s broken)? Whatever the reason is, there are few reasons why you might want to reconsider hand washing and think about finally investing in a dishwasher.

How dirty are your sponges?

Did you know that the average kitchen sponge is dirtier than a toilet seat? Even though you’re washing off excess food particles, you’re also adding bacteria to your dishes and utensils. Dishwashers will clean off most of the bacteria and food particles so you end up with the cleaner dishes.

How much will you save?

Newer dishwashers are more energy efficient and can save hundreds of gallons of water – which, in turn, saves you money on your water bill. Upgrading or investing in a new dishwasher might cost you a few hundred dollars now, but you’ll make it all back between your water and electric utility savings.

Save your time

Not only will adding a dishwasher save you money, it’ll also save you time. You could spend an hour washing dishes, or you could spend your time doing something more productive (or relaxing).

Put down the sponge and step into the 21st century. If the plumbing in your kitchen is giving you problems, contact a professional plumber for quick, affordable repairs.