What Does An HVAC Technician Do During A Furnace Tune-Up?

Your Furnace Maintenance Questions Answered – Part 2

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Question 2: What Does An HVAC Technician Do During A Furnace Tune-Up?

While performing a furnace tune-up, an HVAC technician will take many steps to help improve your unit’s efficiency and performance. Every HVAC company has their own routines but the basic steps most techs take are:

  • Look through duct system for air leakages and blockages
  • Check heat exchanger for damage related to carbon monoxide leaks
  • Clean blower wheel and compartment to remove containments and check performance (tightening and replacing belts)
  • Test the blower door’s seal
  • Check air intake grilles for blockages
  • Do a blower motor amp-draw test for performance issues
  • Test burner ignition and flame sensor
  • Lube bearings and moving parts of the motor to reduce friction
  • Test electrical connections throughout the HVAC unit
  • Inspect wiring for fraying and damage
  • Test calibration of thermostat – find accurate temperature readings
  • Check flue to make sure there are no blockages or damage hindering ventilation
  • Test safety controls including high limit switch to prevent overheating and lower fire risk
  • Check furnace startup cycle, inspecting for proper performance
  • Inspect furnace filter, replacing if needed

For gas and oil furnaces, some extra steps may need to be taken:

  • Thermocouple is checked for damage and replaced if needed – to eliminate explosion risk
  • Check system combustion to make sure gases meet the system specs
  • Examine ignition system functionality
  • Examine and clean burner, test flame and adjust
  • Check fuel lines for damage, repair as needed
  • Inspect manifold gas pressure to ensure the furnace’s burners are getting the right amount of fuel.

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