Energy Saving Maintenance

Energy Saving Maintenance

Prevent unwanted problems and costs by being proactive not reactive. Keep your HVAC unit working in tiptop shape by having a professional do annual tune-ups. Many HVAC experts get busy once summer rolls around. Begin checking your cooling system in the spring to stay on top of .

How To Perform An Energy Saving Maintenance Check-Up

Check thermostat setting

You want your home to be comfortable but you also want to make sure you’re running your HVAC when you don’t have to be.

Tighten all electrical connections

Measure voltage and current on motors. Faulty electrical connections are unsafe and put unnecessary strain on major components of your unit.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Moving parts that lack proper lubrication have to use more electricity to work (which means higher energy bills).

Inspect the condensate drain.

A clogged drain can cause water damage in your home and can affect indoor humidity levels (and your comfort).

Check your HVAC system controls

Make sure all the controls are working right. Go through the starting cycle of your equipment to ensure that the unit starts, operates, and shuts off properly.

Inspect, clean, or change your air filter

Regularly replace your air filter. An HVAC expert can show you how. Dirty filters raise energy costs and can cause costly damage to your HVAC unit.

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