Keep Thieves From Stealing Your Air Conditioner! (Yes, It Happens)

Keep Thieves From Stealing Your Air Conditioner! (Yes, It Happens)

Scrap metal theft is still alive and thriving and scrap thieves have a new target: your air conditioner. The copper and aluminum coils, fins, and other parts and pieces of your outdoor AC condenser aren’t worth much (typically only about $20 at most) but that doesn’t deter thieves.

Lock It Up

The most effective theft prevention is a cage around your condenser. These can be a bit costly (about a few hundred dollars) and usually require professional installation, but it does provide enough of a hassle to repel thieves.

If you choose to lock up your unit, especially if you go a DIY route, make sure to take air circulation into consideration. If your AC can’t properly expel hot air, it’ll drag down your energy efficiency and may lead to damage to your AC unit.

Light It Up

Install security lights or a couple of motion detector lights on the exterior of your home, enough to cover up the darkness surrounding the area around your system.

Keep It Out

Alternatively, you can choose to keep your air conditioner out in plain site – where there are multiple lines of sight between your air conditioner and your windows/your neighbors.

Mark It Up

Etch your last name and your unit’s serial number into the copper metal of your AC condenser (in an inconspicuous spot). While the copper theft may destroy your unit, at least you can help the police bring in the culprit and get the justice you deserve.

Summer is just around the corner, so take the rights steps now to ensure your air conditioner is where it belongs (and that it’s working correctly, of course). If you need any assistance with installing or moving a new unit, the pros at A-Abel are always ready to serve you. Call today!