How To Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall

Winter is coming. Before you know it, you’ll have to put away the shorts and get ready to face winter. Before winter though, you need to take care of your HVAC system with your annual maintenance tasks. Get ready to prepare your HVAC system for the upcoming heavy workload of heating your home in the winter months. Here are a few steps to prepare your HVAC system for the fall season.

Check the Filters

Hopefully, you change or clean the filter in your air conditioner and furnace regularly (as you should). Once you’ve changed the filter, remember that depending on the type, it may need to be cleaned or replaced every 90 days. By checking the filter to make sure that it’s not clogged with dirt or debris, you will help to keep your HVAC system operating efficiently and keep the air free of airborne allergens and contaminants.


Keep all vents/registers open so heat will circulate properly throughout your home. Keeping vents closed can damage the ductwork and HVAC system. While this doesn’t seem like an issue immediately, this small step can end up costing you quite a bit should you need your HVAC system repaired or replaced sooner than needed. 

Seal Openings

To help your furnace to do its job, you will also need to check the windows and doors around your home. You need to seal air leaks that could allow drafts to enter your home. Caulk and weatherstripping are simple and inexpensive materials that go a long way toward reducing energy waste.

Get a Tuneup or Service

During preventive maintenance, we thoroughly examine your furnace to make sure that it is ready to give you the warmth you need when winter arrives. In addition, this house call will improve the overall efficiency of your system, resulting in a lower utility bill and less wear and tear on the unit.

Ready to schedule your annual HVAC tune up? Give us a call today and we’ll get out to inspect your HVAC system to make sure your unit is ready for winter.