Save Energy & Increase The Value of Your Home By Planting Trees

Save Energy & Increase The Value of Your Home By Planting Trees

Trees don’t cost much, aside from the initial cost of the tree, dirt, water, sunlight, and occasional trimming. Yet they can provide you with so much! Think of trees as a long term investment – they help improve your air quality, slash your heating and cooling costs, provide a home for critters (ones that might otherwise seek refuge in your home), and add aesthetic value and appeal to your boring old house.

Save Energy With Trees

By logically placing trees around your home, you can cut the costs of home cooling by 30% and you can save 20-50% in heating costs. The value of 3 properly placed trees could save you up to $100-$250 each year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Not only that, but healthy, mature trees can add about 11% value to your home.

Money does grow on trees…

To get the most value from trees:

  • Plant deciduous trees on the west facing side of your home to provide shade during the summer. In the winter these same trees will shed their leaves and leave you with daylight that will help keep your home warm.
  • To block icy winds in the winter, plant evergreens on the north side of your home.
  • Carefully consider the shape and size the tree will be when it’s fully grown. You don’t want to invest in a tree that you’re going to have to remove because you underestimated how large it was going to grow! The wrong tree in the wrong place can also cause your home’s value to decrease because it may be seen as more of a hazard than a help.
  • Avoid planting your trees around power lines!
  • Don’t plant too close to home. Roots are unpredictable and are capable of damaging your home’s foundation or blocking sewer lines.

But there are costs to consider, too.

You may end up spending around $75-$100+ for a 6-7’ deciduous tree. That costs to maintain that tree may rise as it grows. You’ll also need to keep an eye out for disease or pest that could threaten your trees. Consider trees that aren’t going to need a lot of routine upkeep and are resistant to the weather conditions in your area (such as frigid cold temperatures and high wind) and other environmental threats.

Not too keen on trees but looking to save energy and cut your heating and cooling costs? Contact A-Abel electric for more ideas on how you can save. Schedule an HVAC inspection to find out if your heating or cooling system is to blame.