Tips For Maintaining Your Outdoor Air Conditioner

Tips For Maintaining Your Outdoor Air Conditioner

In Ohio, the heat and humidity can greatly affect your outdoor air conditioner unit or condenser. The heavy, moist air carries large amounts of dust, dirt, and debris that is capable of settling in your outdoor air conditioner unit coils and fins. In addition to this, your A/C is probably working overtime to help keep you and your household cool. These long and sometimes irregular run times can lead to excessive wear and tear of your unit.

Take care of your air conditioner

What you’ll need:

  • Air conditioner coil cleaner (follow your outdoor air conditioner manufacturer’s recommendations when selecting a cleaning agent)
  • Water hose with sprayer attachment
  • Gloves and eye protection

What to do:

  1. Find the electrical disconnect (it should be a metal box) near your outdoor air conditioner
  2. Open this box and find the switch that turns of your A/C unit. It may be a pull out switch or a circuity breaker type switch. Turn to the “off” position.
  3. Use the garden hose to clean off any loose debris on the outside of the unit
  4. Spray the outside of the unit with coil cleaner
  5. Wait about 10-15 minutes for the cleaner to foam and attach to the dirt on the coils
  6. Rinse the cleaner off with the hose

Repeat at least once a year.

Cleaning your outdoor air conditioner is just one of the many things you need to do to maintain your HVAC systems efficiency and lifespan.

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